Welcome to Powwer™ Lounge – The Weight Loss Spa from Ahlaam Ali. We are not just another weight loss company. We empower YOU to be Physically, Mentally and Spiritually FIT! Powwer™ Lounge is a one-stop-shop to get you FIT & HEALTHY this year and KEEP you that way!! With our complete range of Weight Loss packages and our Mind, Body and Spirit services offered inhouse, we help you to TRANSFORM yourself completely!


If you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

Stubborn weight that does not shift

Have you tried everything to lose the weight?  Including extreme diets and exercise programs? Do you find that you just cant shift that stubborn weight whatever you do?

Bloating & indigestion

Do you find that you bloat up immediately after certain types of meals? Do you have to pass wind and burp a lot up to 30 minutes after your meals?

Lethargy in the morning

Do you wake up tired and exhausted every morning with no energy to get out of bed?  Do you have to simply drag yourself to work or to drop the kids off to school?

Chronic fatigue

Are you tired throughout the day?  Whatever you do, you find your energy levels dipping a few times during the day?  Do you need constant flow of tea, coffee or sugar boost to keep you going throughout the day?

Headaches / Migraines

Do you regularly get headaches and migraines? Do you find some foods trigger off your headaches?  Or do you have a constant niggling pain at the back of your head?

Cellulite deposits around the tummy and thighs

Do you have that orange peel effect or embarrassing fat deposits in different areas of your body?  Even though you have tried dieting and exercising, these fat deposits do not go away?

If you have answered Yes to at least two of the above, call us today to find out about our
exciting range of programmes that GUARANTEE life changing results!
Call 055 840 7679 or 04 34 66 115 now, or

The Hottie’s Handbook

The Hottie’s Handbook consists of an Award Winning weight loss program along with 40 quick, nutritious and healthy recipes.
Easy-to-implement weight loss strategies and a guided 10 week plan with food diaries and a progress journal, make it easy for you to
lose weight step by step and then keep it off! Sexy Carbs vs Flabby Carbs – a concept that allows you to eat carbs, but the right ones!



The following Holistic Transformation Packages enable you to lose weight in a Healthy sustainable way whilst
helping you to make a Lifestyle Change.


A range of exercise programs to get you from FLAB to FAB within 10 weeks.  Our offerings include yoga, toning and extreme inch loss as part of the Powwer Eat program.  These sessions can also be done on their own as a package of 10 sessions.


Flush your system completely of all the toxins that have been piling up over the years.  Cleanse, boost and recharge your body to boost your productivity and energy levels in all aspects of your life. Jump out of bed with joy and vitality every morning.


A complete Weight Loss Program that empowers you to lose weight in a healthy, wholesome and sustainable way. Encompassing nutrition, exercise, inch loss treatments, body wraps and visualization techniques to get you to your goal.


If you cant make it to our Powwer Lounge or just do not have the time in a day to devote to a full fledged weight loss program, here is something simple and easy that you can implement at home on your own and in your own time.


Nurture your Mind, Body & Soul with our wide range of offerings that get you to work on yourself from inside out.  From gong Meditations to Life Coaching and Life Direction sessions that will help you to be more focused and achieve what you really want in your life.


Inch loss treatments and body wraps with a difference.  You are guaranteed to lose significant inches after every session.  Lose the cellulite and the fat deposited in the areas most prone to accumulating it due to lack of circulation.

Our Powwer Eat programs are based on




NLP coaching

These are NOT Diets!! But sustainable Healthy Eating Programs! We guarantee the weight loss in a fun yet impactful
way and ensure that your experience with us is a memorable one.

We depend on you recommending us to others because of your own TRANSFORMATION.


To get you started on your journey towards Fitness & Health this year, we are offering FREE Full body analysis and
Consultation with Ahlaam Ali only during February.

Contact us: 055 840 7679 or 04 3466115


  • ‘AHLAAM ALI and POWWER™ of LIVING’ is the magic answer to all those yoyo Dieters and Foodies’ out there! The results are unbelievable and exceptional!

    I have come out a Winner with the personalised attention and coaching from Ahlaam. And to top it all, I know I can sustain it with her simple solutions to almost everything and all that I have learnt on the Programme. She tailor made the Diet to suit my desires and food cravings. A definite thumbs up all the way!

    AM from Dubai
  • It took me a long time to decide to go for this programme as it seemed too good to be true. I was also a little worried about the Detox part of it.

    However I realized that the programme as a whole would have the maximum benefit. I finally decided to take the plunge and there was no looking back. The first three days were quite challenging but after that I bounced back with renewed energy.

    The exercise part was great because after every session we would go away feeling like we had had a fab workout!! The inch loss treatments were good as somebody else did all the work! All in all I have lost 6kgs, 22.5 inches and 2 jeans sizes in 4 weeks and love the way I look!!

    TA from Dubai
  • For several weeks after my first meeting with Ahlaam Ali there was no improvement either in my physical condition or my general feeling of well being.

    This was because I did not commit myself to her programme and without commitment there is no pay back. I finally found a second gear and combined Ahlaam’s recipes and her words of wisdom (her soul food?).

    After several one on one consultations where Ahlaam listened carefully to what I was looking for she very cleverly adapted her Powwer™ Eat programme to accommodate some Detox guidelines. I then started to go to the gym and combined with her new nutrition plan the results started to improve almost immediately.

    Six weeks later and seven kilos lighter I feel so much better – my yearly medical check-up last week showed better BP, BMI, no cholesterol problems and a more relaxed heart beat than this time 12 months ago.

    Thanks Ahlaam!

    Green Community,

    Joe McKeever