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Ahlaam Ali – Gut Health Specialist

Nutritionist and Weight Loss Consultant

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP & EFT Practitioner

Ahlaam Ali is a published author and a Certified Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant with a specialty in Gut Health.

Researching and working with Gut health is an absolute passion and I love transforming your Gut health.

Currently Ali is studying Applied Functional Medicine, which empowers her to use her research based knowledge to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your illness rather than putting a Band-Aid on your symptoms. I work with YOU to address your health challenges, set goals and help you achieve them through SMART strategies, which will enable you to:

• Get Rapid Relief for your ailments
• Heal your body from the inside out by addressing the ROOT CAUSE
• Eliminate a lot of the Dis Ease in your gut and body
Ali is also trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, practicing in the UAE and internationally. This helps her work with you holistically. Addressing you as a complete holistic being sometimes with underlying subconscious challenges that need to be addressed, to remove the road blacks to better health.

“My aim is to work with you in a holistic all encompassing way to empower you to achieve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing goals.

Having worked closely with various specialists, I design wellbeing programs based on your medical history, lifestyle, activity levels, food preferences and food intolerances. I help address your specific health concerns and work one on one to achieve the best health results.”

As we all know Gut Health is key to prevent and cure all Dis Ease in our bodies. According to the Functional Medicine lens there is no disease only Dis – ease in our bodies which all stems from Dysbiosis in the Gut and hence Inflammation and can actually be reversed when your Gut Microbiome is happy and healthy.

Everything from Hormone Health to Depression to Autoimmune dis-ease can be tracked upstream to an imbalance in your Gut Microbiome.

Your Gut Brain axis as well as your Gut Thyroid axis are evidence that your GUT is the Queen of the Castle! If the Queen of your Castle is not happy she will tear the Castle down!!

Through all my programs, My Primary focus is to heal your Gut and then all the other ailments will go away!

Do you suffer from any of these Dis eases?

• Hormonal Imbalances
• Depression
• Brain Fog
• Chronic Fatigue
• Adrenal Dysfunction
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Leaky Gut

• Bloating & Gas
• Food Intolerances • Coeliac Disease
• Autoimmune Disease
• Weight gain
• Water Retention

If you have answered YES to 2 or more of the above ailments then your Gut is in Dysbiosis and all these ailments can be reversed once your Gut is healed!

But how??
That is exactly what I do. I specialize in helping you with your Gut Health issues and all related Dis Eases.

Many of these Dis Eases usually emerge when you have been through a traumatic event in your life. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or a breakup/divorce or some serious illness. We can help reverse the effects of trauma on your body.

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