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That is exactly what I do. I specialize in helping you with your Gut Health issues and all related Dis Eases.

Many of these Dis Eases usually emerge when you have been through a traumatic event in your life. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or a breakup/divorce or some serious illness. We can help reverse the effects of trauma on your body.


  1. Gut healing will have started
  2. Inflammation will start to reduce significantly
  3. Aches and pains reduced significantly
  4. Symptoms of Auto immune diseases reduced
  5. Need for medication reduced significantly

Gut Healing Workshop


USD 620/8 weeks

How it works and what will you get:

You will be part of a group starting the 12-week program that starts 3 times a year. You will receive the following:

  • Meal plans
  • Exercise ideas
  • Grocery Shopping list
  • Group accountability
  • Group Support
  • Weekly Group Zoom meetings to discuss progress and challenges
  • List of foods to eat and avoid
  • Strategies for success

How it works:

I will do a General Health Assessment with you that will help me understand your specific health concerns.

Following which I design a treatment plan consisting of three different stages that both parties agree on.  The stages include: Removal, Repair and Re inoculation.

Stage 1: Removal

We start with the implementation of Stage one which will help you to Detox and remove all the toxins that your body is holding.  When you let go of the toxins, you also lose the water retention that your body holds on to due to inflammation.

Stage Two: Repair

Here we help your gut to heal and repair with the foods you eat along with the supplements that your gut and body need.

Stage Three: Re Inoculate

During this stage we give your Gut a Therapeutic doses of supplements that will get your Microbiomes smiling again!

Stage Four: Re  introduce

Here we introduce foods that we had eliminated in stage one, whilst keeping an eye on the effects on how your body reacts to these foods

Stage 5:  Re Balance

Through supplements and various other modalities we re energise and re balance the body to enable it to work at is optimum levels.

Plus you can lose fat and water retention of upto 12 kgs in 12 weeks

If this is something you feel you or a friend could benefit from, drop me a note:

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