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1) What is this workshop about?

This workshop will help you deal with various gut issues like:

  • IBS
  • Acid Reflux
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic Bloating & Gas
  • Auto Immune Disease

2) How long is this workshop and how does it work?

The workshop is 8 weeks long and we have a group zoom meeting every Saturday/Sunday for an hour.

3) What do we learn/get?

  • Each week you learn a new concept about how to manage your Gut in a healthy intelligent way. You will receive meal plans and recipes for a Detox diet as well as an Inflammatory diet.
  • Each week we share your victories and challenges and find creative solutions
  • Most people start feeling significantly better within the first week and consistent improvements every week.
  • By the 8th week you will have not only transformed your gut and overall health but you will also lose anything upto 10 kgs
  • Inflammation throughout your body will also subside whilst significantly easing symptoms in a Holistic sustainable way

4) What is the investment?

The investment for the 8 week workshop is AED 2200 which works out to be AED 275/week

5) What else do I get on the workshop?

  • You get a one on one consultation with Ahlaam Ali to figure out your health history and health goals
  • You will also receive a personalised Supplement Profile designed for you specifically
  • You will also be part of a whatsapp support group where we ask questions and help each other stay on track. We post our food pics and your daily step count.
  • Nothing works as well as this workshop to Reset your gut and your health and make you feel Renewed and Rejuvenated whilst helping eliminate Chronic Fatigue and other lifestyle diseases.

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