The best thing you can do for your starving body is to break your fast with either a bowl of fruit salad.

The Holy Month of Ramadan presents an opportunity to curb all excesses and let go of some of the habits that don’t serve you well. Having said that, I also believe that it is definitely not the time to be told what to eat and what not to eat.
However, a lot of people complain that even though they do not eat throughout the day, they tend to put on weight during this period. Little do they realise that whilst their body is getting used to lack of food, it shouldn’t have to deal with a deluge of toxic foods.

If you truly want to make the most of this noble month, here are some ways you can swap out the naughty foods for more healthier options.

Fried foods

Fried foods are staple of most Ramadan fare, and it is somewhat difficult to avoid them completely. The biggest culprits are samosas and fritters, especially when you have deprived your body of food and water.

The best thing you can do for your starving body is to break your fast with either a bowl of fruit salad or hot soup. Both will help your stomach get used to the food gain after a break of almost 16 to 17 hours.

Sugary drinks

Many believe their body needs sugar after a long day of fasting to get a spike of energy. Well, the fact is that although your body may need some form of energy in the way of healthy sugars, it could totally do without artificial, processed sugars.

The problem with artificial sugars is that they spike the blood sugar, which usually lasts a couple of hours but is ultimately followed by a major drop in sugar levels. Once that happens, you begin to crave more sugar.

Instead, if we were to switch to natural sources of sugar like dates, fruits and fruit juices, we would not experience sugar cravings as our blood sugar levels would stabilise and stay there with minor dips and rises. Swap the sugar with some good fats and you will be shocked as to how your body can be fooled into being satisfied with fats instead of sugars. This is a well-kept secret that not many people know about.

Stodgy carbs

Have you ever experienced food coma? Those dreaded heavy carbs that knock you out totally? We needn’t stuff our faces with wrong kind of carbs. It is better to switch to quinoa or even brown rice and oats or other grains that have a low glycemic index and will keep you full for longer.

Verdict: Try to break your fast with healthy options and you’ll notice that there will be minimal weight gain, if any at all.

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