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“The Gut reset programme worked wonders for me! I’ve been struggling with bloating, acid reflux and acidity for years and my condition got progressively worse with every passing year. Made endless trips to GI doctors to help me but only ended up with prescription after prescription of PPIs with different names. It provided immediate relief, but when I left it, back came the discomfort. Hence my dependence on PPIs grew to a point where I could hardly do without them. My GP was always warning me against the adverse effects of over use of these medications but I couldn’t bear the discomfort!
So when I read about Ahlaam’s programme I thought I would give it a try! With scepticism at first, but after having a chat with her I felt more hopeful and motivated. I’m happy to say that I have not had any medication for my bloating for ten weeks now!!
I like the holistic approach, the gradual easing into wiser food choices and lifestyle and the regular (but not overly intrusive) check-ins. Ahlaam has been amazingly motivating and I can’t thank her enough for helping me be more mindful of what I put into my mouth!
The bonus was that I lost a few pounds too!
Thank you Ahlaam!”

– Aine Arfin

Hi, my name is Ambreen Ally and i am here to share my amazing experience of Ahlaam’s “8 Weeks Gut restoration program”.
I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my IBS issue. I was a bit reluctant when I started the program as doctor’s treatment didn’t help me much but she did it what the doctors were not able to do. I joined the program for my IBS issue but ended up losing weight as well (thanks to Ahlaam) she was always there to help , guide and motivate us. She doesn’t only work on the food aspect but for your overall well-being. She listens, she cares and she is awesome!
Keep rocking Ahlaam

– Ambreen Ally

“When I signed up to attend the Gut Reset program with Ahlaam Ali, I had started to feel a lot of discomfort after eating.
I felt bloated and felt tired and irritable because of my symptoms. I am in my mid 60s, and wondered if these symptoms were related to the aging process.
I can honestly say that this course has been a life changing experience. I feel lighter, slimmer, full of energy but most importantly the brain fog has lifted. I had put “ brain fog” down to aging, but it was related to inflammation in my gut.
I have lost weight, but mostly I have lost so many inches from all over my body. My digestive system was overloaded and inflamed. As the inflammation settled, mental clarity returned.
The entire program was conducted online, which was convenient for me.
I had mentally prepared myself for a hard diet, but instead we were given delightful healthy alternatives.
I learnt that Gut inflammation is at the root of many auto immune diseases. So glad I made the changes. My life has changed dramatically.”

– Nargis Raza

Hi my name is Maryam and I have lost 30 kgs with Ahlaam so far.  I am now in phase 4 and by the end of it I will have lost 40 kgs.
Before I found Ahlaam Ali, I had tried all the diets, meal deliveries, fad diets and everything else you can think of. To be honest I had even seriously considered Gastric banding surgery.
That was my last resort and I was absolutely desperate to find a solution because all my vitals were suffering.  I had high BP, Diabetes, cholesterol  AND Hypothyroidism. I also had a lot of aches and pains all over my body and I really didn’t know which way to turn.
Luckily my sister had been following Ahlaam Ali for some years and she also had Ahlaam’s Book Hotties Handbook. 
I finally contacted Ahlaam and she asked me some questions and also asked me to get some tests done. Following which I had a zoom consultation with her and that was the beginning of my TRANSFORMATION.
I feel very lucky to have found Ahlaam because I started to see a difference with Ahlaam’s program within the first week. And consistently every week after that.
Inspite of my Hypothyroidism, I still saw a difference every week. Ahlaam’s philosophy is to address the inflammation in our body. Which is what affects all our systems including hormonal imbalances and all our other systems are also affected negatively. Ahlaam works closely with us to understand our unique constitution and our food preferences.
Ahlaam also keeps a close eye on us and we are accountable each week. I love the fact that she is a tower of support throughout the program, unlike other Nutrition Consultants who just give you a meal plan and then do not follow up for 2 weeks.
We had a couple of plateau weeks and we worked together on the plan to figure out what works best. And sure enough we managed to crack it!
I really enjoy being on her program as the food is delicious and there’s plenty of it. So I never feel hungry.
I can safely say I am now almost Inflammation free and in phase 4 of my 40 week program. Now it’s not just about weight loss. It is about specifically Fat percentage focus and also about toning.
I love Ahlaam’s scientific approach which helps me to understand the reason behind everything she recommends.
Due to her Applied Functional Medicine Training coupled with nutrition Ahlaam uses the latest concepts and findings and is totally ahead of the research being done within Functional Nutrition and I have benefited directly from her extensive knowledge and research. She is able to explain everything and it all makes sense now. My results are amazing and I feel like a new person!!
Thank you Ahlaam and I feel blessed to have found you.  Please guys before you think of fad diets and bariatric surgery please speak with Ahlaam as she will definitely be able to help you.

Stay blessed all of you and Stay healthy!!  Make your health your Priority!!”

– Maryam

“Finished the Gut Reset Program with Ahlaam a month ago, and it was hands down the best thing to happen to my body. At the end of 10 weeks, not only had my perception on eating changed, but there were tangible differences in how I felt both physically and emotionally. My skin and hair glowed, I got rid of perpetual bloating, slept much better and yes the long-coveted weight loss came too!! The recipies suggested by Ahlaam were delicious, and I was slowly able to rope in the rest of the family towards a healthier life style too. Even my blood works were like never before! I feel I am now in a position to dispense an advice or two about a robust lifestyle myself!  Thank you Ahlaam for bringing forward a happier, healthier me!!”

– Ayesha
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