We are all living in stressful times and it begins to take a toll on our health in so many ways. From the obvious health issues to the more subtle ones.

If you are dealing with the Obvious signs of stress
From headaches to sleepless nights to being short-tempered. All these are clear signs that you are stressed. However, the not so obvious ones will surprise you. Comfort eating, listlessness, and the need to be isolated are all subtle signs. And of course, the weight gain that follows.

The dreaded Cortisol spike that happens in our bodies is the Fight or Flight hormone that gets your body completely out of whack.
This hormone causes major food cravings, and in women, these cravings are significant for sweets and carbs. And the odd thing is that the more of these we eat, the worse your mood gets and the more we resort to these cravings. A right vicious circle that makes us store fat in the belly area.

Here are some of the foods that will help calm down the inflammation within your bodies caused by the dreaded Cortisol.

Apart from being absolutely delicious, these creamy little babies are so rich in glutathione, lutein, beta carotene, Vitamin E and lots of folates. More so than any other fruit around. A single serving can help block the intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage to the stomach lining.

Yes, Chocolate!! Not only does it taste good, but it is also actually really good for you! Pure dark chocolate is very high in antioxidants and is right up there on top of the Heart-Healthy Foods list. Men and Women benefit equally from the intake of Dark chocolate and find that it enhances their mood significantly. The Polyphenols and Flavonols keep your blood pressure in check (when eaten sensibly) and can help calm you down.

That Aaah feeling you get when you have a hot bowl of freshly made oatmeal with cinnamon and berries?? Well, there is a scientific reason for that! Being a complex carbohydrate causes your brain to produce Serotonin, the feel-good chemical! This particular chemical has antioxidant properties and creates that amazing soothing feeling which helps alleviate stress!

Chamomile tea
My favourite go-to cuppa when feeling a little overwhelmed at work. Whether at work or at bedtime, these pretty little flowers have an amazingly soothing effect on the nerves. Find a quiet spot when you are feeling overwhelmed, turn off all electronics for 10 minutes and let the pretty flowers steep in hot water. You can get Chamomile tea in teabag form to make life easier. Put your feet up and let the tea wash the stress away!

Not the best smelling vegetable when cooked, this vegetable is so high in folate which in turn helps you keep your cool. I personally have them partially steamed and add them to salads or throw them in at the last minute into stir-fries!

Verdict: Include these feel-good foods into your daily meals to get back into that Zen Zone and stay there!!

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