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Weight Loss

With Globesity and related lifestyle illnesses being a pertinent issue across the world as well as closer to home, I was inspired to create award winning life changing Holistic weight loss and fitness programs at Harley Street Wellbeing.

 The results of from our programs have been outstanding and have contributed significantly towards us winning the Middle East Business Achievement Award from amongst 250 companies across the Middle East.

I regularly write for Health & Wellbeing publications, addressing the most pertinent issues in this time of increasing lifestyle and stress related illnesses!

Our programmes have won the following Awards:

  1. Middle East Business Achievement Award 2009
  2. Lloyds TSB Small Business 2007
  3. Women of Excellence 2006

Customized Weight Loss

10 week program
Have you struggled with weight loss whether hormonal or other wise? Have you tried everything else on the market and feel isolated and frustrated?

Well my programs are generally your last stop for sustainable weight loss. Following an in-depth Lifestyle and Medical history questionnaire, I create a sustainable 10 or 20 week program for you and help you implement it with weekly one on one monitoring that keeps you accountable and on track.

How it works and What you will get:

• In-depth Lifestyle and Medical History Questionnaire
• Signed Copy of my Hotties Handbook
• Weekly customized meal plans
• Weekly monitoring
• Whatsapp support when needed
• List of foods to eat and to avoid
• Shopping list
• Sustainable weight maintenance program at end

Program Highlights

  1. Lose 10/12 kgs in 10 weeks
  2. The plan works around your lifestyle and food preferences
  3. Work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals
  4. Weekly consultations to keep you on track
  5. Assess your progress every week and fine tune the meal plan

Give you a workout plan to help you achieve your goals

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